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Without high-quality casting, a piece won't stand the test of time.  At R-Creations, we pride ourselves in our casting capabilities - whether it's a light and delicate ring, or a large and robust pendant.  You can expect clean, low-porosity casting in Silver, Gold, and Platinum.



Our in-house setting specialists were trained at a time when computerized design wasn't a feasible option.  Every setting, from channel to bead & bright, had to be handmade.  This skillset, paired with modern CAD design, sets R-Creations above the competition; large stones, colored stones, pave, invisible-set - it's all just another day in the office here.  



Sometimes your favorite jewelry gets damaged, other times it slowly ages into fragility.  Regardless of the circumstances, our jewelers can repurpose, restore, and repair your jewelry.  The complex repairs that other shops will turn away are gladly accepted here.



Our designers utilize the specialized jewelry software Gemvision Matrix when creating custom designs.  This software enables us to uphold our high standards with an accuracy of less than 0.1mm.  Whether you're an individual looking for a personalized piece, or a retail shop looking for reliable custom designs, our CAD department will ensure your vision is realized.



Our state-of-the-art 3D printer uses a 100% wax material specifically formulated for jewelry casting.  This means you receive the benefits of an ash-free, residue-free, low-shrinkage casting every time.  Plus fine details don't vanish nor get damaged thanks to its high-resolution, support-free features.  

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